Paternity Test Check List

Its important to prepare yourself and your family for unexpected outcomes and potential consequences before completing an AssureDNA paternity test and so, we have put together a paternity test check list to help you through making the right decision.

Please ask yourselves the following questions before going ahead
with your DNA Paternity test and c
arefully consider the effects of each person taking part in the test.

Could finding out the results have a negative impact on family relationships?

Could finding out the results have any financial implications for the family?

For Tests involving children under 16 years old…

Could the test results affect the child’s sense of identity?

Does this test serve the best interests of the child?

If any child being tested is old enough (mature enough) to understand the DNA test & its implications…

Have you fully discussed the test with them?

Are they happy for the DNA test to go ahead?

If any child being tested is not old enough (mature enough) to understand the test & its implications…

Have you thought about what you will say to the child when collecting the mouth swabs?

Ongoing Support

Its important also to consider the ongoing affects the test may have should the results show an unexpected outcome.

Our client services team take part in counseling training sessions and will be able to advise you should you or your family need any support once you have completed the paternity test in addition, we have compiled a list of organisations which may be able to help you in your decision to proceed with testing on the AssureDNA website.
You can access the list HERE.

Are you sure you want to go ahead with testing having thought about all the issues and implications?

Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?
If so, please CALL US ON 01603 507767

Considered everything on the paternity test check list?
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